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Ways to detox your sleep routine

Wellness centres have existed for years in Singapore but have become a hot topic in recent years, especially for detoxing, because of their proven benefits. When it comes to detoxing, we often hear people mention taking the right amount and type of vitamins, eating clean, or flushing out waste products through a range of detox teas. 

However, what is usually overlooked is how you can further aid your body in the healthiest and simplest detox way possible - the sleep detox!

Having seven to nine hours of quality sleep every night plays a major role in our health. Sufficient quality sleep every night can help prevent heart problems, boost your mood, increase learning and memory as well as prevent weight gain. 

But, with factors such as stress at work, overexposure to light, and constant bingeing on our favourite series, many of us are getting less sleep than required; often having to rely on caffeine to simply get through our day. To fully achieve your health goals, you’ll need to start detoxing your sleep routine to get quality rest at night. 

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It’s time to say goodbye to coffee shots and get ready for the best sleep of your life with these helpful tips: 

1. Stick to a sleep schedule

Ever aimed for bedtime at 11pm, but you find yourself scrolling through your phone, and all of a sudden it’s 2am? Or perhaps staying up till the wee hours to meet a tight deadline at work? 

While our lifestyle changes drastically from day to day, it is advisable to keep up with a regular bedtime. The body follows a circadian rhythm to keep organs and systems running smoothly, hence going to bed at random times can wreak havoc inside. A study has shown that the more irregular your sleep patterns, the higher you are likely to be at risk for obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

2. Get sunlight first thing in the morning

Sunlight reinforces your body’s natural circadian rhythm - proper wakefulness every morning can contribute to getting proper sleep at night. Hence, when you wake up in the morning, it is best to open the blinds to get sunlight in, or even go out for a morning walk. Pair it with a cup of tea in the morning, like Cheryl W’s Ignite Morning Call Tea, to improve circulation and metabolism to fuel you through the day. 

3. Limit light in the evening

Modern technology has given us the ease of accessing light anywhere at all times. While darkness may come across as scary to some, it triggers the body to produce melatonin, otherwise known as the sleep hormone, to help us fall asleep at night. Hence, it is always important to limit light as much as possible after sunset to start melatonin production. 

Limiting light in the evening also means limiting your scroll time on your phones. It is always advisable to unplug from your electronic devices as the blue light from these screens tricks your brain into thinking it should be awake. When your brain becomes stimulated, your natural circadian rhythm will automatically be delayed and thus leading to poor quality sleep. 

4. Avoid eating or drinking too much at night

Eating right before bed or having too large of a meal in the late evening can cause indigestion which interferes with sleep. On the other hand, drinking too many fluids at night can also result in you waking up frequently to use the toilet. To get optimal sleep, it is advisable to eat at least two full hours before bedtime, and stay hydrated throughout the day instead of only hitting your water goal right before bed. 

If you’ve had a heavy meal the night before, then you should try our Clean D Drink. A detox drink enriched with the digestive goodness of dark plums and acai berry powder, this is perfect for flushing out all the toxins from the heavy meal you’ve had at night, helping you cleanse your system while you sleep. 

Dark Plum Natural Cleanse

5. Include a relaxation routine before sleep

Whether it is rushing deadlines or going out with friends, nighttime often looks a lot like wearing ourselves out till we go to bed. Instead of staying busy until five minutes before bedtime, try allowing time for your body to wind down. Perhaps take a relaxing bath, go through your skincare routine, or even schedule a time to meditate. Setting aside extra time for yourself allows you to show up as your healthiest and best self the next day.

Detoxing your sleep routine not only helps you get the best sleep at night, but also helps to improve your energy levels. Let us help you achieve your best self and meet your health goals with our selection of detox drinks

Reach out to us today and pay a visit to our wellness centre to find out more!

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