detoxifying quality sleep

The Benefits Of Quality Sleep

detoxifying quality sleep

Most of us are unaware of the sleep crisis that our bodies are facing. Between long working hours, fewer vacation days, and nights that are spent catching up on work, Singaporeans are some of the most sleep-deprived in the world. 

Many experts recommend adults to have at least seven hours of sleep at night, yet we often make do with lesser hours than that and, as such, accumulate sleep debts that are too huge to pay back. In a recent post shared by the Centers For Disease Control And Protection (CDC), too little shuteye has been linked to higher risks of chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even depression. 

effects of insufficient sleep

Benefits Of Sleep 

In addition to getting enough rest, it is also important to get good quality sleep. Here are three benefits of sleeping well at night. 

1. Effective weight management

Whilst losing weight in your sleep might sound like just a dream, it is proven that quality sleep helps with weight management. People who sleep fewer hours at night tend to weigh significantly more than those who get adequate sleep.

Sleep affects the levels of two hormones known as leptin and ghrelin. These hormones regulate feelings of fullness and hunger. Leptin is responsible for letting your brains know that you’ve had enough to eat. Without sufficient sleep, your brains reduce the production of leptin and raise ghrelin. The fluctuation of these hormones could be responsible for your nighttime cravings. 

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Alas, not everyone has the luxury to get eight hours of sleep every day. If you find yourself not having enough shut-eye or having issues falling asleep or sleeping well, consider consuming our Sleeping Beau-Tea, which is formulated with natural ingredients like chamomile, lavender, chrysanthemum, jasmine, red dates, longan, goji and valerian, to improve sleep. The sedative effects help to reduce anxiety, allowing you to fall asleep quicker and for longer. It also contains vitamin C, B & A that help to repair cell damage and reduce harmful oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. Getting sufficient beauty sleep results in better skin repair and rejuvenation too! 

Cheryl W Detox Tea

2. Improves concentration and productivity

Besides regulating the hormones for hunger, sleep is also important for other aspects of brain function. These include concentration, productivity, and performance. 

When we fall asleep, our eyes close, breathing slows and muscles gradually start relaxing. In this sleeping state, the neurons in our brain begin a complex biological process to refresh our body and mind. This particular rejuvenation is vital for us to think clearly as we process the new information that we’ve picked up during the day. 

Job performance is also significantly affected when a person tries to work whilst in a state of sleep deprivation. Without sufficient sleep, the neurons in our brain become overworked. As such, this leads to impaired thinking, slower physical reactions, and can even lead you to feel more emotionally drained.

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On the days that you are surviving on little sleep, caffeine might provide the boost you need to keep going - but it can also disrupt your sleep the next night. Instead of opting for caffeinated drinks, why not try our Morning Call Tea?

Packed with green tea and pu-erh to boost metabolism, our Morning Call Tea also contains a blend of warming herbs to improve circulation as well as digestion - making this tea a great stimulator to start your day! 

Cheryl W detox drink

3. Maximises athletic performance

Getting sufficient rest at night provides you with the energy and motivation you need to complete your workout. In addition, quality sleep gives you more strength and drive to maximise your workout, as well as make you more efficient and better prepared for it. 

Poor quality and quantity of sleep reduce your ability to think clearly and react quickly. Less sleep duration has also been associated with functional limitations in older women as well as poorer exercise performance. 

Apart from all the listed benefits above, having sufficient quality sleep also plays an important role in physical appearance. Not only does sufficient sleep at night help with collagen production to keep your skin supple, but it also boosts blood circulation so that you wake up with healthier and radiant skin.

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Sleep is essential for your body and mind to recharge so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and alert. Quality sleep boosts your immune system, allowing you to remain healthy and lowers your risks for illnesses. Besides detox teas and drinks , Cheryl W also has soothing massage treatments ranging from lymphatic massages, and detox treatments, to relaxing facials for radiant skin. 

Let us help you prepare your body for a restful sleep. Visit our online store to check out our range of carefully formulated products, or contact us to find out more about how and why wellness massages might help you sleep better.

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