How To Prevent A Post-Christmas Bulge


Christmas festivities means wine and lavish dinners. The binge on savoury foods also means the dreaded post-christmas bulge the next day. This can make you feel guilty and might even cause a dent in your self-confidence. Fret not, for we have just the solution in helping you manage or prevent it altogether! Moderation is key, and, with discipline and self-control, a post-christmas bulge will be the least of your worries during this festive season.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been the talk of the town in recent years; notably for being one of the easiest ways of controlling food intake. In an essence, intermittent fasting means to restrict yourselves to an eating window of only about 8 hours a day; after which you are only allowed to drink fluids. You can start practicing the fast leading up to Christmas so your body can adapt. Try scheduling your fast so that your Christmas dinners line up with your eating window. Fasting, however, may not be for everyone and it is important to ask medical experts if you are suitable to fast. Do note that you are supposed to practice in moderation, and to know when your body is at its limit, so as to not injure yourselves.

Cut Back on Sugar

The easiest way to control the post-Christmas bulge is to watch your sugar intake during Christmas dinners. This can be done by either skipping sugar-laden desserts or by cutting out sodas and sugary drinks. Instead of sugary drinks, opt to have water and fruits instead. 



You can also bring your own healthy drinks to share. Try the Cheryl W Arabica Espresso. Each sachet is packed with green coffee beans that curbs appetite and reduces craving for sugar. Each box comes with 15 sachets of Arabica Espresso, ensuring no one misses out on the benefits.

Have a Proper Sleep Routine

Your body needs time to rest and recuperate. Lack of sleep or rest can significantly impact your metabolism, potentially leading to unwanted weight gain. The festive celebrations might mean that your body is put into overdrive due to late nights and long dinners. It is therefore important to plan a proper sleep routine of at least 8 hours a night leading up to the festive period. With adequate rest, your body copes a lot better with the celebrations.

Have a Buddy System

With a sumptuous spread in front of you, it can be really difficult to practice self-discipline. Thankfully, you are not alone! You can buddy up with a relative or your partner to ensure that you are constantly looking out for one another. A simple reminder every now and then helps to keep both of you in track with watching what you eat. 


This is such an important point that is constantly overlooked. Always, always hydrate! Your body needs fluid in order to function at its peak. Just by meeting the recommended daily intake of 8 glasses of water, you are already helping your body manage the intake of food. Drink a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage, after a course of food and even after an insightful conversation. Consider bringing your own bottle to functions if it happens to be more convenient for you.

With all that has been said, remember that it is still the holidays and you are allowed to let go a little. If you find that you are being too mindful of your actions such that it impedes your ability to enjoy yourself or the company of loved ones, it might be best that you consider disregarding the rules and to just focus on living in the moment instead. It is just as important to embrace these rare moments with your loved ones and who knows, perhaps the quality time is worth getting a post-Christmas bulge over.

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