Everything You Need To Know About Cheryl W, A Detox Wellness Centre & Brand In Singapore

Everything You Need To Know About Cheryl W, A Detox Wellness Centre & Brand In Singapore

The journey of weight loss is never easy as it requires not just sheer perseverance, but also the right knowledge as to what is good for your body and a suitable meal plan. This could be a reason why people tend to go for the faster route - a crash diet. However, it is not a sustainable method and may even result in health complications such as anorexia and malnutrition. 

Hence, detoxing has been gaining popularity in Singapore in recent years, as doing so essentially aims to cleanse your body from within to remove waste and toxins - a healthier way to weight loss and for maintaining your figure. Apart from losing weight, it also improves your energy levels, relieves constipation and helps you to destress. 

Here at Cheryl W, a wellness centre and brand in Singapore, we pride ourselves on advocating for weight management that is never at the expense of one’s health. 

We believe in making lifestyle changes that will help you reap long-lasting benefits, rather than a quick fix that will put you at risk of the yo-yo effect, in which you regain all the weight you have lost.

The brand is built on the blood, sweat and tears of our founder’s years of trials and tribulations dealing with weight issues, in hopes of sharing how she overcame them to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle, with anyone in the same situation. 

Read on to find out more about Cheryl W’s founder, as well as our products and services. 

Part 2 - Get to know more about Cheryl W and its founder

2.1 Who is Cheryl W’s founder?

Cheryl W, also known as Cheryl Wee, is a Singaporean actress and entrepreneur whom you may know as the daughter of Jean Yip Group’s founder. 

During her younger days, Cheryl took part in beauty pageants and was even the first runner up of the Miss Chinese International Pageant in 2012. She then went on to land several acting gigs with Mediacorp before signing with Gin Star Entertainment, an artiste management agency based in Taiwan, in 2014. 

While things in her career seemed to be going well, it was also the start of her weight and body image issues. People in the industry used to tell her she needed to lose weight so much so that the thought would always be at the back of her mind due to the continuous reminders. Cheryl attributes this to the high beauty standards of the entertainment industry which took a toll on her mentally and physically back then. 

This resulted in Cheryl constantly thinking that she was fat, even though in reality, she was only weighing between 41 to 42kg. She would binge on food but feel extremely guilty subsequently so she resorted to starving herself for the next few days or having just three cups of oatmeal every day, and this repetitive cycle eventually caused her to lose her period for four years. 

Cheryl also graduated with a Degree in Psychology and used to do her internship at a psychiatric clinic, but it never once dawned on her that she would one day be diagnosed, as she was so aware of the conditions, having had interactions with patients who were struggling with body and weight issues.

Alas, she was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, a mental health condition in which one cannot stop thinking about perceived defects or flaws in their appearance. Although it is not an eating disorder per se, it has close relations such as being overly concerned with size, shape, weight, or outward appearance. 

Thankfully, Cheryl realised that this could not go on any longer and decided to seek help from a psychologist who helped her regain confidence, slowly but surely, through cognitive behavioural therapy which involves changing thinking patterns. 

After years of grappling with weight and body image issues, Cheryl made plans to start Cheryl W in 2016, with the objective of helping women achieve their weight loss goals through detoxing and weight management - a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. 

Although Cheryl has made progress, she was met with yet another obstacle - a gynaecologist told her that getting pregnant was not going to be easy due to her inconsistent menstrual cycle as a result of her years of fad and crash diets. 

By a miracle, Cheryl conceived her firstborn rather quickly but at the same time, she was concerned if this would exacerbate her body image issues, as mothers’ figures tend to change drastically during and after pregnancy. Fortunately, being pregnant reset Cheryl’s mindset - she knew that eating well will not just benefit her, but also her child. 

This only further fueled Cheryl’s drive to ensure Cheryl W is a brand that encourages women to eat right without having to worry about their weight, as she has had firsthand experience of what the wrong mentality could lead to. 

2.2 How did Cheryl W start?

When Cheryl returned to Singapore from Taiwan, her mother Jean Yip, founder of the hairdressing, beauty and slimming conglomerate, encouraged her to start her own line of business. 

Cheryl then realised that she wanted to focus on wellness and weight management, which is pretty similar to Jean Yip Group’s core roots. But the only way her own brand could stand out was to utilise a different approach. 

Cheryl W was then born, with the mission to “inspire others to find their best selves” because each individual’s ideal weight or goals differ largely from others. The main goal of the brand is to bring into play detox drinks and teas, as well as detox massages, that have been thoroughly researched to ensure only the best are offered. 

We strongly believe that weight loss or achieving one’s fitness goals does not have to be a daunting or impossible task. With the right plan, products and way of thinking, one can always achieve their goals without compromising their health. 

2.3 What does Cheryl W pride itself in?

It would not be an understatement to say that the wellness centre and brand, Cheryl W, is Cheryl’s fourth baby (after her three kids, obviously) as it was built on something very personal she had to go through for years, before emerging stronger and better. 

As much as it would be cliche to say, the brand solely focuses on providing the finest weight management methods through products such as detox drinks and services like detox massages. These products and services have been years in the making and were only introduced to the public after lots of trial and error in addition to intensive research and development. 

Cheryl also worked with doctors, TCM physicians and mentors to do in-depth studying so as to understand all about weight management through detoxing, before launching her brand. 

Here at Cheryl W, we also understand that there is no one size fits all solution. This is why our consultants recommend services and products based on each individual’s needs and preferences, rather than constantly promoting one service or product, just because it is the most popular or profitable. 

With five brick and mortar stores in Singapore currently, Cheryl is hoping to further expand the brand by putting more emphasis on its e-commerce website to make the products more easily accessible for everyone.

Part 3 - Cheryl W’s holistic weight loss solutions

3.1 Your guide to Cheryl W’s treatments for a better and healthier you

Now that you understand more about our founder and what we do, it is time to find out more about our services and products!

Our plethora of treatments is aimed at helping you to lose weight using non-invasive treatments with minimal downtime so you can head back to your daily activities with ease. 

Here are some of our recommendations if you are looking to lose those extra pounds the healthy way:

Signature Royal Body Flush Treatment

Our Signature Royal Body Flush Treatment can be dubbed a detox massage, as it fundamentally detoxifies and burns fat to remove unwanted waste in the tummy, waist, hip and limbs. This helps to speed up metabolism to burn more calories and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

Just like its name suggests, this treatment is fit for a royal as it includes a pampering aroma steam bath, detox massage scrub, body mask and thermal heat blanket to stimulate and increase circulation in the body during the detoxification process. 

Full Body Aroma Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is a crucial part of the human body’s immune system and works by getting rid of the waste that our bodies naturally produce. However, if there is a build-up, it can cause water retention and a bloated feeling. 

Our lymphatic drainage massage, the Full Body Aroma Lymphatic Massage, encourages the natural drainage of the fluid in the lymph nodes to carry waste products away. It is important to understand that this massage does not help with fat loss, but instead, helps you to achieve a temporary slimmer body by removing water retention and any bloatedness. However, with consistent treatments, blood circulation will improve and prevent fluid from accumulating in certain areas of the body for a longer-lasting effect. 

Cheryl W Fat Freeze Treatment

Fat freezing is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses cold temperatures to reduce fat deposits by injuring the fat cells, causing them to die while our immune system gets rid of the dead fat cells from the body. Although it is not a detox massage method of losing weight, it is still suitable for individuals who have stubborn bulges that do not go away even with the right diet and exercise. This is commonly performed on areas such as the upper arms, inner and outer thighs, and abdomen. 

The Cheryl W Fat Freeze Treatment targets specific areas of your body without having to go through any anaesthesia or incisions. Minimal downtime is needed, though some may experience slight bruising after the treatment. 

It is also worth noting that the fat cells that have been destroyed are permanently removed from the body!

Mummy Tummy Trim Treatment

It is understandable for mothers to not be able to find time to exercise after giving birth while it is also not suitable for new mummies to go on a diet, especially while breastfeeding. Hence, it can be really challenging to lose weight after pregnancy. 

Luckily, with our Mummy Tummy Trim Treatment, it helps to eliminate excess fluid to reduce water retention, tone stretched areas such as the tummy, thighs and arms, warm and improve blood circulation in the womb, and break down fats and increase the body’s efficiency in removing waste. 

Apart from these benefits, the treatment also regenerates skin cells and boosts collagen to improve skin elasticity. 

Fun fact: This is one of Cheryl’s weight management secrets for postnatal weight loss! Try it out for yourself to see the benefits that Cheryl swears by. 

While you are at it, you may also want to consider our other treatments aimed at helping you to achieve glowing and supple skin, such as the Strengthening Porefection Facial and Guasha V Shape Facial. Find out more about them here.

3.2 More about Cheryl W’s products for healthy and effective weight loss

Other than treatments, Cheryl W also has an array of detox teas and drinks to aid you in your weight loss journey. They help to boost your body’s digestive health, improve your complexion and uplift your mood.

Here are some of our bestselling items: 

Cleanse Clean D Drink


Our top-selling plum detox drink is back, this time with a new name - the Cleanse Clean D Drink. It uses an upgraded formula which, of course, contains plums that are high in fibre for a filling effect so you feel full for longer, while also aiding in digestion to prevent constipation. 

The other notable ingredients include red bean which increases urine flow so as to reduce water retention and apple cider vinegar to suppress appetite and reduce fat storage.

Drink this after a night’s worth of carbs or oily food and you will wake up to a cleaner and more refreshed you. 

Ignite Caramel Macchiato

If you need a cuppa coffee every day, then you may enjoy our slimming coffee , the Ignite Caramel Macchiato

It is formulated using green coffee beans to stimulate weight loss with its presence of chlorogenic acid to help the body burn glucose and fat, and lower the absorption of carbs. 

Other ingredients such as ginger extract help you to excrete water to aid with water retention. It also contains probiotics for gut health. 

Coffee also contains caffeine that can increase your resting metabolic rate by 3 to 11% to support the burning of fats. 

You will essentially be killing two birds with one stone - feel more energised daily with your cup of morning coffee and manage your weight at the same time!

Ignite Long Black

The Ignite Long Black is another slimming coffee similar to the former, except that it is a black coffee so it will be slightly different in taste. 

The coffee also incorporates ginseng powder, something the macchiato does not include, that has brown adipose tissue which can convert fat into energy faster to burn calories. 

It also does not contain any sweeteners, so it satisfies your craving for caffeine without any unnecessary calories.

Ignite Morning Call Tea

Not a fan of coffee? Then you may wish to consider our Ignite Morning Call Tea, an equally powerful detox drink that is lighter on the palette. 

The star ingredients are, of course, green tea and pu-erh - both of which speed up metabolism and increase the speed of digestion. 

It also contains lemon oil to prevent the buildup of toxins in the body and mint leaf is rich in antioxidants, menthol, and phytonutrients that help the enzymes digest food. 

Improve gut health and shed those extra pounds with this one detox tea! We recommend drinking it in the morning to start your day or later in the afternoon as a perk-me-up. 

Ignite Matcha Latte Scrub

You are probably feeling confused and thinking: How does a scrub help with weight loss? Well, while it does not directly correlate to losing weight, it does help to make your weight management journey a tad bit more enjoyable and less stressful. 

The Ignite Matcha Latte Scrub is magic in a bottle! Matcha is a potent ingredient in promoting skin elasticity and the different oils like almond, jojoba, sunflower, grapeseed and avocado all nourish the skin while the dead sea salt exfoliates. 

Use the scrub on your body to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, hydrate and moisturise dry skin, brighten dull skin, and lo and behold, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite (that usually come with weight gain or loss) too! 

Hello Sunshine & No More Baby Blues sprays

Detox methods do not just conform to detox drinks and massages. You would be surprised to know that aromatic sprays are also capable of bringing a sense of calm and relaxation, both of which are things we hope to achieve during the detoxification process. 

Our Hello Sunshine spray is a hearty mix of lychee, magnolia, ginger, mandarin orange, and white musk - achieving a light and pleasant scent that refreshes and rejuvenates your mood. It helps you to destress, allowing your cravings for sugar to naturally reduce so as to maintain a healthy body. 

The No More Baby Blues spray is an exciting potpourri of fruits and botanicals to fight a sluggish metabolism and anxiety, improve immunity and stimulate energy. It also contains blackcurrant with fat-burning properties and Amalfi lemon which is a great source of vitamin C. 

Spritz some on your outfit, surfaces and in your room to instantly lighten your mood and start your day on a good note. 

Tip: transfer the spray into smaller bottles to bring it out with you on your adventures so you can use it whenever you need and want to!

Sit Tight Body Firming Cream

Remember not to neglect your skin even while the bulk of your focus is on managing your weight during the detox process! 

The Sit Tight Body Firming Cream is a great addition to your body care routine as it sculpts, firms and tones desired areas of your body while moisturising your skin at the same time. Apply a generous amount after showering and let it work its magic. 

We recommend using it post-partum to tighten any stretched skin or if you simply wish to tone up any areas of your body! 

Cheryl W, your preferred wellness centre and brand in Singapore

Weight loss is a long journey but it does not have to be torturing. With the right tools, products and treatments, losing weight can be an enjoyable experience in helping you to both look and feel healthier, as well as increase your confidence. 

What we do here at Cheryl W is to help individuals achieve the best version of themselves in their own eyes, because what you want to achieve may not necessarily be what is portrayed as “perfect” in the media or in other people’s minds. As the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, if you think you look fabulous and feel good - who is to beg otherwise? 

Once again, losing weight does not have to be at the expense of your health! Make sure to do lots of research on your end and consult a professional should you wish to start on a new diet, and this includes before commencing detox.

If you are ready to start your weight management expedition, visit our website to find out more about our services and to shop our products. 

We also offer a wide range of products and services that will help improve your skin so if you are looking to pamper it, Cheryl W is the one-stop wellness centre in Singapore not just for your weight loss needs, but also for your skin.

Our founder, Cheryl, is also always on the lookout for new technologies as well as researching and developing new products and treatments, so that is something to look forward to from Cheryl W in the coming years! 

Get in touch with us to book an appointment or to find out more about our services and products.

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